Never Use PDF Files For Press Releases

While PDF files have certain uses, Press Releases should never be one of them. All you’re doing is spending extra time to make it harder for an editor to use the information.

PDF Files are very hard to copy because they often place a hard return on every line and do not include a space at the end of each line. So, we have to reformat every line on the press release.

Yes, we do have software that sometimes corrects this. But, it is still an extra step and doesn’t always work. And, there are thousands of other press releases that are much easier for us to publish because they are in a standard¬†web format. So, the faster our publications grow, the less likely we are to accept PDF files.

We understand the desire to make everything that represents your company look amazing. Save the design for the customers and make it easy for the media to give you coverage.

A press release should be in a basic web format like HTML or WordPress so that it is easy to copy and is mobile responsive. Web-friendly photos, tables and other graphics can be included at the bottom with links to download or request hi-res versions.

If you’re sending it in an email, basic email format is just fine. There is no need to attach the copy. Use attachments for low-res photos and other graphics.

If you want to take the extra time to create another version on PDF, that’s your choice. But, we most likely will not carry your press release if it is only offered in PDF format.